Taiyaki & Ice Cream

From the founders of Pieces: The St. Louis Board Game BAr and Cafe

Coming to STL City Foundry 2020


Taiyaki is all about Good Fortune

Taiyaki began in Japan when Seijiro Kanbei, an Osaka native moved to Tokyo, and opened a small shop selling sweet pastries in the shape of the “tai” fish (or red sea bream). The tai fish symbolizes luck and is often eaten to celebrate joyous events.

Bringing Good Fortune to St. Louis

The taiyaki we are bringing to St. Louis is a larger version of the Japanese & Korean delicacy, with an opening at the mouth filled with house-made ice cream. The warm, just-baked cone is slightly crispy with the surprising softness of pancake. Once you finish the ice cream and bite into the body of the fish you’ll discover your choice of Nutella, Vanilla Custard, or the more traditional Red Bean filling.

What’s with our name?

Mokyu Mokyu (mok-yu mok-yu) is a Japanese expression uttered when you encounter something so aesthetically pleasing it leaves you at a loss for words!